What happens when the twins turn 22 on Legacies? (2023)

When the twins turn 22 in Legacies, they will reach the age of majority, meaning they will gain some new privileges and responsibilities. The main benefit of turning 22 is that they will be legally allowed to make their own decisions without input from any legal guardians or authority figures.

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It also means they will be able to vote in elections, purchase alcohol, rent a car, and generally be a part of the adult world. They will also most likely gain access to more freedoms and privileges that they weren’t able to enjoy before, such as entering into contracts and owning property in their own name.

While their age will mean more freedom and decision-making power for the twins, it will also give the potential for more responsibility. They could be held accountable in the legal system for their actions, and they will also have greater expectations set for them by society.

Even though they are adults, they will still have to take responsibility for their own decisions and be wise with their newfound freedom. This could be difficult for the twins who have grown up with the same privileges and stability since birth, but it will provide them with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and explore new opportunities.

Do the twins survive the merge in Legacies?

At this point, it is unclear if the twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, survive the merge in Legacies. At the end of the season 2 finale, the twins were about to merge their Vortex-Grass magic and the fate of the outcome is unknown until season 3 is released.

The ritual required for the merge to take place is also very dangerous and could have some serious consequences. It is likely that the twins will survive the merge as they are two of the main characters and have a large role in the overall story.

How did Jo’s twins survive?

Jo’s twins were able to survive because of the heroic actions of their mother and a coalition of supportive individuals. Jo’s had been regularly experiencing contractions and preterm labor signs which put the safety of her unborn twins in danger.

She was able to get the care she needed in order to stay pregnant longer and give her children the best chance of surviving. While the hospital to which she was admitted initially did not have the necessary resources, a group of local nonprofits collaborated together to provide the necessary resources to keep her and her children safe.

Through their work, Jo was able to receive lifesaving medicines, beds, and an operating room — as well as support from nurses and doctors — which allowed Jo’s twins to survive against the odds. The story of Jo’s twins is a testament to what can be achieved when individuals come together to support one another in times of crisis.

Are the Saltzman twins leaving the show?

At this time, we do not know if the Saltzman twins are leaving the show. As of March 2021, no official announcement has been made by the cast or creators related to this. However, it is rumored that the twins, who play Josie and Lizzie Saltzman, may be leaving the series following the conclusion of the fifth season.

This is based on the fact that their characters have had very minimal roles in the recent episodes, indicating that their characters may not have a role in the show’s future plot. Therefore, until an official announcement is made, it is difficult to say definitively if the Saltzman twins will be leaving the show.

Does Josie become evil?

No, Josie does not become evil. In fact, she fights against evil throughout the novel. Josie is a brave protagonist who takes on the slavers who have enslaved many in the underground. She works to free them and finds a way get it done.

Josie also stands up against her mother, who is jealous of her abilities, and refuses to become part of the villain’s power base. Josie represents the power of good, and she prevails against the forces of evil in the novel.

What happens if Josie and Lizzie don’t merge?

If Josie and Lizzie don’t merge, they will still both be able to operate their own businesses independently. They will be unable to benefit from the various advantages of merging, such as being able to share resources, expand their offerings, and increase their reach.

Furthermore, without the financial and organizational advantages of merging, it can be difficult for them to compete in a crowded market, as they may find it hard to compete on price or when faced with larger competitors.

Additionally, without a merger, they will have to negotiate each sale and marketing agreement separately, which can be time consuming, and they will not have the support of the other’s resources to help them maximize the opportunities that arise.

Lastly, they will both incur extra costs in order to remain independent such as legal, administrative, and accounting fees.

Does Josie turn evil legacy?

No, Josie does not turn evil legacy. She remains a kind, loving, and compassionate individual throughout the series. Josie is faced with a number of difficult decisions that test her values, but ultimately she stands against using dark magic to get what she wants.

In the end, Josie chooses to go against her family legacy in order to protect her friends and the people she loves. Josie’s refusal to turn to dark magic and embrace her family legacy demonstrates her strong, unwavering sense of justice and morality.

This noble determination and courageous decision is what ultimately saves the people she loves and end the dark magic’s hold over them.

Who wins the merge between Kai and Jo?

The winner of the merge between Kai and Jo is ultimately up to the players and their strategies. These two characters have vastly different playstyles – Kai is considered to be a strategic and calculative player, whereas Jo is more of a social player who relies on relationships and loyalty.

It may be advantageous for Jo to create relationships and use her charm to try to persuade others to work with her, whereas Kai may use his strategic approach to find and use the cracks in the alliances he has made.

Ultimately it will be down to individual gameplay on who will come out on top, but both players have the potential to be victorious.

Does Liv survive the merge?

Yes, Liv survives the merge. In the final episode of the series, she is seen attending the wedding of her best friend, Maddie, and Tyler at the hospital. Liv is also seen to be much happier and content than she was before the merge.

After the merge, Liv has been able to keep her powers in check and is living her best life with her friends and family. She has also become a much more positive person, due to her newfound understanding of her life and newfound purpose.

Liv has also learned to take control of her powers and use them for good, which has helped her to become stronger than ever before.

Will Josie and Lizzie have to merge again?

No, Josie and Lizzie do not have to merge again. This depends on the specific situation they are in and the agreement they reached when they initially merged. If they feel that going their separate ways is the best decision, then they will not have to merge again.

That said, if merging is still beneficial to both, they may decide to come together and form a new, stronger entity. Ultimately, this is a decision they will have to make and it is up to them to determine which is the best course of action.

Does Lizzie becoming a heretic stop the merge?

No, Lizzie becoming a heretic does not stop the merge. The merge is a process that occurs in the world of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina when two witch Clans, the Church of Night and the Church of Night Muir, decide to combine their powers and unite into one religion.

Lizzie’s actions as a heretic, however, have created divisions within the Church of Night, making the merge complicated and ultimately unsuccessful. Lizzie is ultimately forgiven for her heresy, but her decision serves as a reminder that witch traditions and rituals should not be taken lightly.

Furthermore, other elements such as increasing tensions within the Coven, the machinations of The Dark Lord, and the intervention of outsiders all had a profound effect on the merge and thus it is impossible to determine whether or not Lizzie’s heresy stopped the merge from occurring.

What will happen to Lizzie and Josie?

As we have seen throughout the story, Lizzie and Josie’s relationship has been strained, and it is difficult to speculate what the outcome for them might be. It is possible that with their natural fondness for each other, and a willingness to forgive and move forward, Lizzie and Josie may eventually be able to rebuild their relationship.

If that is the case, then Lizzie and Josie could possibly move back in together and create a life of their own, embracing the fresh start that has been presented to them. This could see them both thriving, with Lizzie focusing on her career and Josie finding a way to support them both.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the issues between them are too big to overcome and they will remain estranged. If this is the case, then they would likely take different paths and find separate, individual successes.

Lizzie could focus on her career and start a new life, while Josie could potentially build the family she has always wanted.

Overall, the future for Lizzie and Josie is uncertain, and depends largely on their own willingness to forgive each other and move on.

Who would win the merge Josie or Lizzie?

It is impossible to determine who would win the merge between Josie and Lizzie without more information about them. In order to decide who would come out victorious, we would need to delve into their individual strengths and weaknesses.

For example, we would need to look at their physical abilities, their emotional intelligence, their knowledge of survival techniques, and any other key qualities and experiences they may possess. Ultimately, the outcome of the merge would depend on a variety of factors or individual circumstance.

Is Lizzie the most powerful heretic?

No, Lizzie is not necessarily the most powerful Heretic. She is definitely powerful, however, there are other Heretics throughout the world who possess more potent supernatural abilities. Specifically, her mother, Fiona, is one of the original 7 Heretics from the 19th century, and she has far more formidable powers than Lizzie.

Lizzie is still a formidable adversary, however, and utilizes her abilities in creative ways. Other Heretics who have been featured in the show, such as Kai, the Hollows, and the Brewsters, have been noted to have far greater powers than Lizzie in some ways.

Who’s Stronger Hope or Josie?

That’s a tough question and it depends on the context. Hope presents a truly heroic figure in much of literature, but she does not always possess superhuman strength. Josie, on the other hand, is featured in novels where she has the power to transform into a superhuman creature, granting her extraordinary powers.

Both characters are strong in their own ways, and their strength can be seen in how they face obstacles in their stories. Hope usually uses her fortitude and resilience to overcome any trouble while Josie’s strength comes from her ability to transform.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to say definitively who is stronger between Hope and Josie since there are too many variables that could influence their individual strengths in different contexts.

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