The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (2023)

How Can You Explain The Human Vibration Frequency If You Can’t See Or Touch It?

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (1)
The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (2)

A very logical perception limited by the rational analytical mind. Highly Sensitive People or Empaths would agree that this is something you can’t see or touch, they will however confirm that this is something you CAN FEEL! Even some high sensitives have such a degree in extra sensory perception (or physic abilities) that they can see the colors of the human aura field. Reiki Healers like myself are “touching” the energy field of people on a regular basis (without touching the physical body) which can be felt by the client.

So what exactly is the Human Vibration Frequency, how does it work and why should you pay attention to all of this “new age spiritual awakening” stuff?

What Is The Human Vibration Frequency exactly?

If we have a physical body (which scientist confirmed a very long time ago) we also have a mental body (thoughts), emotional body (E-motion = Energy in Motion) and therefore we also have a energy body. Some like to call this the Aura, Light-Body, Soul or Essence. This is of course invisible to the limited human eye (with only a few exceptions).

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (3)

In the next video I dive deep in the concept of raising your vibrational frequency where I explain exactly what this is. Also I reveal 5 tips + 2 bonus tips on how exactly to do this.

(Video) Learn to VIBRATE CORRECTLY: " This is not philosophy, this is physics" (law of vibration explained)

What Exactly Is The Human Vibration Frequency?

Everything in this universe exist out of energy; a vibrational frequency. It’s the study of quantum physics. Like what is matter, what is it made of and if we can perceive matter but not the space between matter then what exactly is that space? Is it just empty space, maybe dark matter or just energy we can’t perceive with our five basic senses? Do we have a 6th sense? If so can this 6th sense perceive this invisible field?

Some like to say that we live in a third dimensional reality or density. This is the perception of matter. Others like to dive even deeper into this concept and refer to The Matrix or Simulated Reality. Now these concepts might shock a few from their current believe systems because that almost sound like we live in a computer program “controlled” by a external force, entity or even a extraterrestrial. How fascinating that might sound for a few I prefer to keep it a little bit more down to earth and refer to a concept that is a bit more acceptable for the many.

Like Nikola Tesla said in his quote above we need to remember that also our thoughts, feelings and emotions sends out a specific kind of vibration. These can stay stuck in your energy field and can send out a powerful vibration into the Universe.

Forget The Law of Attraction, Focus On The Law of Vibration!

It’s The Law of Vibration that activates the Law of Attraction. Like Attract Likes so instead of trying to wish yourself into situations try to focus more on your State of Being. It’s Be – Do – Have and not the other way around. For example if you want to experience more abundance in your life then you must feel (or be) already in a flow of abundance. You can feel this flow by feeling the satisfaction of completing tasks for example. Tasks you would normally like to procrastinate but by completing these task you are doing yourself and others a better service. If you continue to create more just for the joy of it without any conditions or expectations you create a flow of abundance for yourself. This is how you can align yourself with a specific kind of vibrational frequency.

“Feeling the feeling of a desired outcome first is the fastest way to align yourself”!

The Easiest Way To Explain The Human Vibration Frequency To Someone Else.

Before you can explain the human vibration frequency to someone else you first have to understand it yourself, right?

(Video) Frequency of Emotions Explained (Hz) - How to Raise Your Vibration - Emotional Frequency Chart

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (5)

So here is how it works. Your emotions vibrates at a certain type of frequency. For example fear, shame, guilt, doubts, desires (the feeling of lacking something) are low vibrating emotions. These emotions gives you a very contracting life experience. Like you are separated from life itself. Some of these emotions can create a self fulfilling prophecy when they stay stuck in your energy field. The reason for that is because these emotions creates specific kind of thoughts, thoughts become believes. Believes become your self image and that will create your behaviors and (unconscious) actions. Actions and behaviors create of course your results and circumstances.

So if you want different kind of results then don’t JUST try to change your actions but your entire feeling state behind it. How do you feel when you DO specific kind of things?

So How Do You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency?

As you were able to see in the human vibration frequency chart above you see the different emotions and the frequency beside it. This frequency chart is actually from the program Love or Above by Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer Christie Marie Sheldon. She actually explained much more in detail the meaning behind this chart. But to keep it brief and to the point; in order to experience for example more love, joy, abundance, peace and enlightenment in your life you first have to align yourself with these feelings.

The way to do that is actually much simpler then expected. Bare in mind that “simple” doesn’t say it’s going to be easy. All you have “to do” is to let go of the things that weighs you down and keeps you stuck in lower consciousness. Doing so will help you to re-connect (or re-member) your True Self. Your True Authentic Self is ALREADY unconditional love. This is the essence of your soul that maybe only has a bit of dirt on it. Here is how;

Tip Number 1;

Taking responsibility over your feeling state (increasing your vibrational frequency) requires discipline. Discipline will set you free. These tips I am about to share with you is actually something you already know. But are you living them?

The first tip is of course to take fully responsibility over your diet. Eating heavy things will make you (feel) heavy, disconnected and even a bit ungrounded. I am not saying which diet you should follow but I am only suggesting to follow the diet that feels right to you!


Here is why; your digestive system is like the roots of your tree or the soil of your consciousness. Your tree of consciousness can grow as far as the roots are grounded in the earth. Not only feed your body itself from your digestive system but also your mind and soul. Make sense?

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (6)

Tip Number 2;

Another very common thing we all know that will make us feel better and stronger is of course exercise. Exercise is like the exorcism of negativity. However when you are currently in the state of a couch potato then the best and next step is to start walking. Start walking 30 minutes after lunch and/or diner. Step it up by maybe doing some light jogging to eventually body weight exercises or weight lifting. Going to a actual gym and pay a expensive membership is what a lot of people are holding back. Luckily there are also plenty of body weight programs that can be followed in the comfort of your own home or even on the go.

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (7)

Tip Number 3;

Tip number 3 is all about Mindfulness, Meditation and Personal Development. Doing the inner work or Heart Work I would like to say. In this video you can learn more about Mindhfulness Meditation for Beginners.

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (8)

Tip Number 4;

Give yourself some time to express yourself in a creative way. In this world where almost everything seems to be about numbers, conditions and expectations why not create something just for the joy of it. This can actually be very relaxing, peaceful, grounding and can help you to become very present. What is it that you enjoy creating? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (9)

Tip Number 5;

Study, Practice & Teach or Share with others. It’s a basic human emotion to feel excited about learning new things, improvement and personal growth. Make these new lessons a habit and it almost become natural to share your integrated habits with others if they want what you already are, do and have. Contributions make you feel connected to others, life and the world around you.

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (10)

Bonus Tip Number 1;

The last 2 bonus tips refer more to working with your Spiritual Energy Body or Light Body. You can work with that through meditation and energy healing. If you want to practice that through meditation then I suggest you start with learning to Connect With The Light. In Love or Above you can explore these methods.

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (11)

Bonus Tip Number 2;

Learn to cut cord energetically with negative thought forms and/or emotions. Again if you first learn to connect with the light then this is very easy to do. This is something you can also learn in the Love or Above program by Christie Marie Sheldon.

The Human Vibration Frequency Explained Plus 7 Tips On Raising It. (12)
(Video) 432Hz Miracle Tone - Raise Positive Vibrations | Healing Frequency 432hz | Positive Energy Boost

Now I would like to ask you. What was the number one insight you got out of this post? And what is it that make you feel better that I didn’t mention? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!



What frequency will raise my vibration? ›

432Hz a Healing Frequency to Raise Your Vibration.

What happens if you raise your vibration? ›

The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with.

How do you raise your vibration to attract what you want? ›

So here's a list of 11 ways to raise your vibration to attract all the things you want:
  1. 1) Be grateful. This is an important one to make a habit out of. ...
  2. 2) Meditate. ...
  3. 3) Connect with nature. ...
  4. 4) Self-care. ...
  5. 5) Visualise the life you want. ...
  6. 6) Drink water and eat healthily. ...
  7. 7) Exercise. ...
  8. 8) Listen to music.
Apr 17, 2021

How do you know if your vibration is high? ›

You know your vibration is high when someone comments that you give off a good vibe or bring a lively, positive energy to the day. Your vibration is your mental and emotional state of being, so when it's high, you'll feel more confident and in touch with yourself.

Is it better to vibrate at a higher or lower frequency? ›

When something vibrates at a lower frequency, it feels heavy, whereas things vibrating with a higher frequency feel lighter, more at ease (physically and emotionally). Lower vibrational energies include sadness and stress, whereas higher vibrational energies might include happiness, joy, and love.

Can you feel peoples vibrations? ›

Vibrations are all around us. We can detect vibrations with sensitive skin mechanoreceptors, but our conscious awareness of the presence of vibrations is often limited.

What is the highest vibrational emotion? ›

Gratitude is by far the most powerful emotion to measure a vibrational shift. We normally give thanks when we receive something, but if you feel gratitude out of choice, your body shifts into receptive mode as the emotional signature of gratitude is positive. This is what makes gratitude so powerful.

Which color has the highest vibration? ›

Violet light has the highest energy, frequency and vibration and the shortest wavelength of visible light. Beyond the visible spectrum, ultra-violet is even shorter wave and higher frequency and energy, in fact its energy is so high it can burn our skin very quickly and kill bacteria.

What harm can be caused by vibration? ›

What you should know. Vibration is transmitted into your hands and arms when using hand held / operated tools and machinery. Excessive exposure can affect the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm causing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

Do thoughts have a frequency? ›

Our thoughts and feelings all have frequency, just like sound and light, radio or ultraviolet waves, a thought vibrates through the mind and whether we're aware of it or not, our thinking manifests into reality.

Does walking raise your vibration? ›

Even small amounts of physical exercise can raise your vibration. Whether it's walking, running, swimming or practicing yoga, physical exercise can help get you out of mental or emotional ruts and boost healthy endorphins.

How do I test my vibration? ›

Follow these steps to re-enable vibrations on your Android device:
  1. Launch the Settings.
  2. Locate and tap Accessibility.
  3. Scroll down a bit and tap Vibration & haptic strength.
  4. From there, enable Ring vibration, Notification vibration, and Touch feedback.
Jun 20, 2021

What emotions are low vibration? ›

High and Low Vibrational Energy

On the other hand, low vibrational energy is dark and dense. It makes you feel heavy. It is commonly associated with negative emotions such as suffering, sadness, low-self esteem, jealousy, and anger, etc.

What is a spiritual vibration? ›

The basic concept of vibrational frequency – as a spiritual phenomenon – is that our body is made of molecules, which are vibrating constantly, and creating electromagnetic energy waves.

What is the best frequency for manifestation? ›

Miracle tone 528Hz - Meditative Music with the 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency. Created to assist in meditations and is especially powerful used as part of manifesting routines. 528Hz is an ancient solfeggio frequency also known as "The love frequency" known for its powerful and positive healing qualities.

Does alcohol lower your vibrations? ›

Alcohol lowers your vibration no matter how little you drink. Maybe you just had a few, but even one glass of wine will negatively affect your REM sleep. Just one glass will lower your mood. Alcohol actually lowers your dopamine levels after the initial buzz.

Can other people's vibrations affect you? ›

The people around you directly influence your vibrational frequency. If you surround yourself with happy, positive, determined people, you will also enter into that vibration.

Did Einstein say everything in life is vibration? ›

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts.

What is the frequency of empaths? ›

If this rings true in your life, you may be an “empath.” Only 1 to 2 percent of the population experience this type of sensitivity, having the ability to feel and absorb the emotions surrounding them.

What is the strongest emotion a human can feel? ›

Generally, people tend to view anger as one of our strongest and most powerful emotions. Anger is a natural and "automatic" human response, and can in fact, serve to help protect us from harm. While angry behavior can be destructive, angry feelings themselves are merely a signal that we may need to do something.

What is my frequency number? ›

To calculate frequency, divide the number of times the event occurs by the length of time.

What did Albert Einstein say about vibration? ›

Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein.

What is the most healing color? ›

Green is known to be universally healing. It is symbolic for the heart chakra because green light helps with opening our heart.

What color calms your mind? ›

Blue – A highly peaceful color, blue can be especially helpful for stress management because it can encourage a powerful sense of calm. Purple – In many cultures, shades of violet represent strength, wisdom and peace. Purple can invoke a tranquil feeling that helps reduce stress.

Which colour is positive vibration? ›

Pink brings strong positive energy into your environment. Mood-lifting yellow is another colour that belongs to the fire element.

Is it good to vibrate your body? ›

Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

What vibration frequency is harmful to humans? ›

Conclusion. Low-frequency (<20 Hz) or very high-frequency (>70 Hz) vibrations can be considered most dangerous for the human body. These vibrations can be found in vehicles (<20 Hz), in air transportation (0.2–7 Hz), or in heavy machine equipment (>20 Hz).

Can vibrations affect your heart? ›

Experimental studies have shown that exposure to vibration leads to elevated blood pressure (bp), changes in heart-rate variability and changes in peripheral vascular contraction [12–16].

What frequency do humans resonate at? ›

The overall range of resonant frequencies was found to be from 9 to 16 Hz and independent of mass, height and mass to height ratio. The mean values (+/-1 s.e.) were 12.2 +/- 0.1 Hz for males and 12.8 +/- 0.2 Hz for females with an overall mean population value of 12.3 +/- 0.1 Hz.

What is the Earth's frequency? ›

The primary resonance is at a frequency of about 8 hertz—eight trips around the planet per second. “It's like sitting inside a ringing bell,” said Harrison. The resonance is maintained by the combined effect of all the lightning flashes on Earth—between 40 and 50 per second.

Can your brain hear your thoughts? ›

We can “hear” our internal monologue without speaking

Corollary discharge is a predictive signal generated by the brain that helps us better understand our environment and surroundings. This unique signal is also used as part of our auditory system, assisting in processing information and speech.

What does vibration do to your feet? ›

According to scientific evidence, whole-body vibration has been linked to increased levels of feel-good chemicals, reduced pain sensations in your feet, boosted circulation in the lower extremities, more flexible joints, and stronger muscles in your legs, to name but a few.

What are higher vibration words? ›

You can attract positive energy to you by using high vibrational words - a good example would be words used in meditation, chanting or during prayer. Other positive energy words are words like love, inspiration, hope, joy, happiness and even a word like possibility has an expansive feeling to it.

Does vibration help legs? ›

Bone density and muscle strength

The authors found evidence that vibration therapy can help improve leg muscle strength in older adults.

Do we vibrate at a certain frequency? ›

We are beings that vibrate at certain frequencies. Each vibration is equivalent to a feeling and in the “vibrational” world, there are only two types of vibrations, the positive and the negative. Any feeling causes you to emit a vibrational frequency that can be positive or negative.

Do people vibrate at different frequencies? ›

Every living and nonliving creature on the planet vibrates at its own special frequency. This would include humans too. Different cells within our bodies vibrate at different frequencies to create our own "special song".

What frequency do cell phones vibrate at? ›

Most cellphones vibrate at between 130 and 180 hertz, which falls in between the sweet spots of the two types of receptors.

What frequency does anger vibrate at? ›

The vibrational frequency of anger is 150 and falls to contraction. The emotional energy current can feel fluid and spacious like in a deep state of meditation bliss of equanimity.

What is a high vibration person? ›

High vibrations are generally associated with positive qualities and feelings, such as love, forgiveness, compassion and peace. On the other hand, low vibrations are associated with darker qualities such as hatred, fear, greed and depression.

What happens when you vibrate at a natural frequency? ›

Natural vibrations are different from forced vibrations which happen at the frequency of an applied force (forced frequency). If the forced frequency is equal to the natural frequency, the vibrations' amplitude increases manyfold. This phenomenon is known as resonance.


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